Dan Salcumbe, is an experienced personal trainer, web designer and online marketer.

Dan, as the founder and owner of My Personal Trainer Website, is one of the leading experts in the personal training business space and has helped many personal trainers build an online presence and generate consistent, qualified leads for their business. 

In addition to this Dan and his team offers one of the largest free resources for PTs in the world, The Institute of Personal Trainers. 

In this live interview, I talk to Dan about what is the most effective form of SEO for your website and discusses the top 3 things to consider when designing your own website.

You can find out more about Dan, My Personal Trainer Website and the Insitute of Personal Trainers using the details below:




During the live stream, we talk about simple ways to improve your websites SEO to find out more about one of Dan’s top tips for improving SEO check out this blog post: