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When starting out online, you are not just a Coach or a Personal Trainer you are a ‘new business owner’.

This is so important to recognise.

It doesn’t matter if this is part of your current business or not, this is a new venture and just like a lot of new businesses, it’s going to be hard work and require a lot of effort.

This is why in the PTD Ninja 101 course we start off focusing on what you want from your business first.

Without this, it’s sometimes hard to push through when it counts.

Why is it important to recognise yourself as a business owner?

When you start out you wear all the hats. Accountant, marketeer, sales person, administrator, IT Support, researcher and customer service rep on top of being a friggin awesome coach!

None of which, apart from the awesome coach bit maybe, you where ever likely taught at Personal Training school!

It normally leads to you trying to do everything and learn everything at the same time.

Being pulled left, right and centre between “this coach’s blog says this, but that mentors post says that” or “this webinar is saying what this book says is wrong, but this person’s training course is saying it was right?”

You, just like your clients do with health and fitness, become lost in a sea of information and opinions.

This distracts you from the ONLY thing that matters above everything else in business!

In reality, the ONLY thing that matters is a healthy cash flow coming into your business, because without that everything else fails.

I get that you may need to know this stuff to make the money, but you have to balance learning with action.

I see too many trainers jumping from one book, webinar and training course to another and not actually taking any action on any of it.

Or, when they do take action they get distracted by another ad showing another system to get the clients, leads, etc.

Guess what though?

It’s doesn’t matter what you learn, it’s all about what you do!

I would like to share three bits of advice with you that’s served me well for some time:

1) Just like when working with your weight loss/fitness clients, the basics serve them well for a long, long time! Same goes for you and your business! No matter what business book, course, etc you spend time learning from, the basics are the same. It’s just the way it’s delivered to you that changes. Sounds familiar right? So, pick one thing, focus on the basics and stick with it.

2) When learning something new, implement it straight away! Does this mean to do everything in one go? No.

It means if you put an hour aside to start and learn something from a course, book, whatever, then you should be able to take something from it each time you go to it that you can implement pretty much straight away. No matter how small that something is.

This forces you to really pay attention to what you’re learning and allows you to see very quickly if it will help you and your business.

3) Plan your learning. Put time aside for learning AND implementing it – Decide what you’re going to learn, what you want to take from it, then write down what you’re going to implement from it and how/when you will do that, then do it!

Listen, this is of course just my opinion and like most advice, you can choose to action it or not, but if you do action this I have no doubt it will take you one step closer to whatever it is your working on in your business right now.

Remember if in doubt, hire a coach. As a Personal Trainer and coach yourself, you know the value in investing in someone to hold you accountable and help keep you on the right path. We’re here to help, if you every want to have a chat or to find out more about what we do at PTD Ninja and how we can help your online fitness business, just click here.