The PTD Ninja team has been focusing on really updating our services, not just because of the new updates coming to PT Distinction, but because of a need, we have noticed in the industry.

A certification for becoming an online trainer. 

I know things like this already exist but hear me out. 

We’ve spoken to 1000s of trainers and nearly all courses only focus on leads and sales and normally do this without starting you at the basics.

The new PTD Ninja 101 course covers everything you need to start and run a successful online fitness business world (alongside some incredibly advanced stuff you can do with PTD!) 

Business systems; marketing & sales systems; how to deliver your online services and the systems to it; how to actually coach effectively and safely online, how to build a scalable business, how to maintain clients long term.

The new PTD Ninja 101 course and the Online Personal Training Certification is designed specifically for personal trainers who want to move their business online or have tried to move online but are struggling to get things moving the way they want to.

Plus, it will help you master your online fitness business using what we think is the best online coaching platform around, PT Distinction.

As we do already, we will include all the Done For You white label content to accompany all stages of the course.

The PTD Ninja 101 course will be a perfect launch pad for your online business, especially if you are using PT Distinction! 

Better yet, if you start now you can be up and running ready for the January rush!

So, if you’re on the fence now is the time to make the jump.

Want to know more? 


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