In this post, we are going to look at the fundamentals of PT Distinction. These ‘rules’ explain the basics behind how PTD works, using these as a guide you should be able to see how to do most things in PT Distinction.

To set up your PT Distinction first connect your email address by going to Settings and choosing Email Set Up.

To allow your clients to access your “content” either activate your Mini-Site by going to ‘Build My Minisite’


If you have a Pro or above subscription you can Integrate to your website by going to ‘Add To My Website’

Your clients can also use the PT Distinction app, the links will be sent to clients automatically. You can create your own custom branded app after your free trial if you have a Pro subscription or above.

To submit your designs for your custom branded app go to ‘Customise My App’ once submitted it will take up to two weeks to go live. Once live, PT Distinction will send you an email to let you know your app is live.

To add a new client click ‘Add Client’

You have two types of client, Online and Print Only.

Online clients have access to anything you add to their ‘Client Dashboard’ Print Only client do not have access to anything. Though you can still send emails to Print Only clients. Print Only clients DO NOT count towards your active client count.

To add any “content” such as Programs, Assessments, Coaching, Tracking or Forms for a client go to that Clients Dashboard and click ‘Add’

To send or schedule any emails, SMS or In-App Messages for a client go to the Clients Dashboard and select ‘Messages Centre’

You can send In-App Messages using the Messenger Bubble in the bottom right. Here you can also activate Two Way Messaging for a Client by checking the box.

You can log in to the App using the same details you log in to PT Distinction with to send and receive (when activated) In-App Messages for all your clients.

A client will see anything that is ‘Live’ or ‘Active’ in their Dashboard when they login to the web portal or the app.

To drip-feed any “content” set anything you want the client to see straight away to ‘Live’ and anything you want to drip-feed in the future to ‘Set Date To Go Live’ and choose when you would like the client to see that particular content.

If you would like to remind the client to do something, e.g update Results Tracking or complete a Workout, you can add anything you have to the client’s Schedule.

You do not have to schedule if you do not wish to, the client can still see anything you have set Live for them.

Your client can move things on the schedule if you allow them to. To allow this go to the ‘Settings’ in your PT Distinction account.

You can create Templates from any content you make for a client by clicking ‘Copy To Templates’. You can also create Templates by going to Templates, choosing the type of Templates you want to create and selecting ‘new template’

You can add Templates to a Clients Dashboard.

Once added to Client Dashboard you can edit the Template, however, if you edit the original Template, this will not update any Templates you added to a Client Dashboard.

For ‘mass’ updates like this, you need to create a Group.

To create a Group, click ‘Add Group’

Once in a Group Dashboard, you will see it is very similar to a Client Dashboard.

Add content in the same way as you would a Client Dashboard, click Add to add content and go to the Group Messages Centre to add any type of message.

Like a Client Dashboard, you can drip-feed content and messages in a Group in very much the same way. Though in a Group you have extra options;

‘By Days After Joining’ and ‘Live On Copying To Client’

‘By Days After Joining’ relates to the number of days after a client has been added to that particular Group. Day 0 being the day of joining the group. ‘Live On Copying To Client’ relates to the moment the client is added to that particular Group.

You can also schedule in the same way choosing either ‘By Date’ like in a Client Dashboard, or ‘By Days After Joining’ or ‘On Joining’. Scheduling ‘On Joining’ means the date and time the client was added to the group.

When you add a Client to a Group, effectively all the content and messages from that group are copied into the Client Dashboard along with when that content will be drip-fed and scheduled.

A client can be added to multiple groups at the same time, the clients will not know what group or groups they are in. Clients can also be added to multiple groups at different times. For example, a client may be added to a Group the day they sign up but then added to another group with different content to the first group in two weeks.

Once a client has been added to a group, you can edit anything in the Client Dashboard without affecting the Group.

If you edit the Group, you have the option to update for all members of the Group, effectively making a ‘mass update’ across all members of that particular Group.

You can also choose to send a Group In-App Messages as apposed to Individual Messages when Settings up In-App Messages in a Group. To do this you must activate Two-way Messaging for that particular Group from within the Messenger Bubble.

To sell Packages via your website you need to create a Pre Made Package.

Go to Pre Made Package and click ‘New Package’

Work through the steps adding in the Groups you created.

In the Sell Online section of the Pre Made Package choose either ‘With Sign Up Form’ if taking payment, or ‘ No Payment’ if you are offering a free package or you have taken payment by other means.

I would not recommend using the ‘Using a PayPal Button’ or ‘Using PT Distinction’ opinion. Not that they don’t work, just that the other two options give a much better client experience when purchasing.

To take payment using the ‘With Sign Up Form’ option you’ll need a Business PayPal account, create a PayPal Button (Not a Smart Button) and add this to the Pre Made Package.

Complete any other settings in the Pre Made Package, click Save, reopen the Pre Made Package you just created and head back to the ‘Sell Online’ section and copy the new code that has appeared. Paste this code to a page on your website to create a Sign-Up Form.

When a client completes this Sign Up Form (making payment via PayPal if you added a PayPal button) they will be added as a client to your PT Distinction account.

If the person completing the Sign-Up Form is already a client in your PT Distinction account and they use their existing email address and password, it will update their account instead of creating a new one.

The Pre Made Package then automatically adds the client to the Groups you added to the Pre Made Package.

You can then edit anything in the Client Dashboard, this will only affect that particular client.

You can then edit anything in the Groups that will have an effect on current members of the particular Group you are editing and any new clients you add to that group in the future (either manually using the Add Client button or via a Pre Made Package.)

You can edit the Pre Made Package, this will only affect new people signing up via that particular Pre Made Package, it will not affect anyone who has already signed up using that Pre Made Package.

You can share Groups and Templates by creating a Team account. To activate your Team Account go to Settings.

Once activated, click Share from any Group or Templates to share with your Team or Friends.

To view any shared content, go to the Community area. Here you can copy shared content into your account. This is a copy of the original content anything you do to this content will not affect the original. Likewise, if you share content with others, they will be making a copy to use in their account and any edits you make will not affect their copy.

To manage your Team, using the Team Admin in the bottom left of your screen, this only appears after you have activated the Team feature in your Settings.

For more help and support head to Help in your PT Distinction account. For technical support in the Help section click PTD Helpdesk.

Want to see how this all works?

Check out this video of Ash from PTD Ninja demonstrating a set up how you can use PTD to manage your online clients taken from the PTD Ninja 101 course.