Social media can be a minefield for Fitpros.

With so much conflicting information and advice changing almost weekly, it’s no wonder many struggle with this part of their business.

The thing is, the fundamentals behind any social media platform doesn’t change.

In this 45 minute training Ash Burleigh from PTD Ninja will go through what these fundamentals are and how you can leverage them in your own fitness business.

It doesn’t matter, if you are using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok the fundamentals around finding new clients through these doesn’t change!

If you have ever asked yourself…

Where do find clients online?

What social media platform should I use?

What should I post?

Why do some things work for others and seemly don’t work for me?

Then this training is for you.

Grab yourself a pen and notepad, and pour yourself a glass of water as we look deep into why social media works the way it does and how you can leverage this to find more leads, generate more sales and grow a successful online fitness business!

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