One thing that always surprises me when I first look at a personal training business is the amount of ‘money left on the table’.

All the successful businesses we’ve seen have a system in place for each of these 3 things:

  • Following up with leads – When someone makes contact, follow up, say hello and start a conversion.
  • Asking for testimonials – Social proof is an easy way to build trust with new leads.
  • Asking for referrals – Your clients do the work for you!

These don’t need to be complex systems either.

With making sales being an area that many personal trainers need help with, there is no need loose so much money by not having these things in place.

Especially when you can set all of them up to work automatically for you!

That’s why we show you exactly how to do this over at PTD Ninja & The Online Personal Training Certification.

Do you have systems in place for follow ups, testimonials and referrals?

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