Crafting the Perfect Offer for Your Online Personal Training Program: A Step-by-Step Guide<br />

As an online personal trainer, your success hinges on your ability to keep clients engaged, accountable, and consistently progressing towards their goals. In this blog post, we’ll explore the SMART approach to online personal training and delve into the Assess, Apply, Accelerate method, as well as the What, Why, How, When, Check-in, and Next process. Implementing these strategies can help you create more effective, personalized training experiences that keep clients coming back for more.


Assess, Apply, Accelerate Method


The Assess, Apply, Accelerate method provides a structured approach to identifying areas for improvement, tailoring solutions, and tracking progress:


Assess the client’s current situation and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Apply a customized solution based on the client’s specific needs.

Accelerate progress by setting achievable targets and regularly reassessing the client’s situation.

For instance, if your client currently drinks just one glass of water per day but should be consuming two litres, use the Assess, Apply, Accelerate method to gradually increase their water intake while involving them in the decision-making process.


What, Why, How, When, Check-in, and Next Process


This process ensures that clients have a clear understanding of their tasks and goals, leading to better engagement and accountability:


What: Clearly outline the task or goal the client should focus on.

Why: Explain the benefits of the task and how it connects to the client’s goals.

How: Provide clear instructions on how to complete the task, and involve the client in this process if possible.

When: Specify when the client should complete the task or goal.

Check-in: Establish a system for the client to report their progress and check in with you.

Next: Inform the client about the next steps in their program.

Using this process will help your clients feel more engaged, accountable, and clear about their tasks and goals. As a result, they will be more likely to stick to the program, achieve better results, and ultimately stay with you long-term.


The key to successful online personal training lies in creating a program that fits into the client’s lifestyle and offers long-term solutions. By implementing the SMART approach, the Assess, Apply, Accelerate method, and the What, Why, How, When, Check-in, and Next process, you can create a truly effective and personalized online training experience for your clients. Boost client engagement, accountability, and results today with these proven strategies.

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