Working face to face with your clients, you know what to say and what to do to get results.

So, how do you do the same with your online clients?

How do you take what you know works, out of your head and put it into a program?

I get it, I was exactly the same when I first went online.

I wrote down everything I knew and put it into a program I KNEW would work!

Customised effective workouts that worked with my in-person clients. Customised calorie controlled diet plans. Hours of videos and PDF’s explaining why this stuff was important.

If the client followed what I told them too, they couldn’t fall….

But they did!

“I’m sorry Ash, I have don’t have enough time to track my food’

“I’m sorry Ash but I can’t keep eating this and cooking something else for my family”

“I’m sorry Ash but I can’t…

You get the idea! My clients just wouldn’t check in with me, they wouldn’t track their food, record their workouts and before I knew it.

“I’m sorry Ash, I don’t think this program is for me”

Sad times😔

I had to re-think my approach, and guess what, I found a way!

I actually started to see better result from my online clients than I did from my in-person clients!

Fast forward a few years and PTD Ninja is helping trainers build their programs and set up PTD, and guess what more than 80% of the trainers I helped set up that went on to run successful (and sustainable) online businesses used an almost identical approach that I did.

I realised that there is a blueprint that can be followed when building an online program, whether it was a lower-priced fully automated program or a more higher-priced customised program, this blueprint worked more than 80% of the time.

That’s some good odds, right?

In this training, I will share with you this Flagship Blueprint, how to put it together and adapt it for your niche, what to include in it, and how to deliver it through PT Distinction

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