Online Fitness Challenges can be a great way to bring in new online training clients. After helping set up and launch challenges for 100’s of trainers I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.


Below are my top 5 tips that make a great challenge and sneak peek at my Challenge Blueprint that I use with my Done For You Clients. 


  • Keep it simple – This goes for anything with online training simple is better for you and your clients. Trust me on this, I used to overcomplicate everything and suffered the consequences. Once I simplified the process and the content I was delivering my clients got better results and I had time to have a life!


  • Keep it short – Anywhere between 5 and 14 days maximum. I like to run 14-day challenge, though I actually aim to move the challenges into my flagship around day 10 (see my blueprint below). 


  • Have a clear upsell –  Before you launch your challenge know what it leads to and how you are going to get the challenges to move into your flagship program. Ensure that your challenge is related to the flagship too. For example, having a challenge of simple habit changes and home workouts that lead to a 12 week program that cuts out carbs in the first week, makes the client weigh out every meal and then complete 5 gym workouts a week is going to pi*s off a few of your new clients and your likely lead to poor results due to lack of adherence. Bad times!


  • Tangible results yes, mind shift? Definitely! – Getting tangible results in a challenge will certainly help in your conversions but more importantly, you need the challenger to have a mind shift. In such a short period of time some results are of course possible but what they need to KNOW by the end of the challenge is that YOU ARE DIFFERENT. They need to know you can take them somewhere they have never been before, they can’t do this on their own or with anyone else, it needs to be you.  Through the coaching, videos or whatever you need to help the challenger make this shift, have this epiphany that will carry them through the challenge and into your flagship program. 


  • Let them get to know you – My favourite way to do this is through a Facebook group. You can automate everything in a challenge sure but to have a Facebook group that you can interact with, do live videos and more importantly complete a Round-Up video (thanks Sukh Sidhu for that one), your challenges will very quickly get to know, like and trust you which is the minimum you need to achieve if they are going to part with their well earned cash.


Know that you know my top 5 tips lets take a look at a copy of my Blueprint. I’ve simplified this Blueprint into one simple document to help guide you through what to include in a challenge, check it out:


To Download your copy CLICK HERE


You can find out more about creating challenges  in this course on the PT Distinction Online Trainer University CLICK HERE to check it out

Need help setting up your challenge? Check out the Done For You Service here