Is tech holding you back? Or are you holding back the tech?

I see many coaches and trainers overthinking and overcomplicating things when it comes to technology.

What normally happens is everything becomes so complicated that clients struggle to understand what’s going on because the coach doesn’t quite understand what’s going on!

Eventually, “it’s the techs fault my online coaching business isn’t going well!”

Here is the hard truth, it’s not the tech, it’s you!

Any tech you use is a tool. You wouldn’t blame the hammer because you can’t hit a nail straight on the head!

You have to learn how to use the tool correctly and effectively.

But more importantly, first you need to ask, what are you using it for and do you actually need it?

Many trainers I know purchase tech because someone told them to or they believe they need it to be successful. This is followed by trying to use every feature the tech has to offer!

Truth is, unless you know what your going to deliver, how to deliver that effectively and how the tech is going to help you, you’re wasting your time.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I love technology, it’s my whole business and it’s saves me no end of time. It makes life and business easier when used correctly. But, if it isn’t used correctly, it can be a nightmare.

Let’s look at how we can make sure you are using the right tech features and it’s working for you, not against you…

First, ask yourself these questions:

1) What is the end goal the service, etc you’re trying to deliver?

Go deep here and don’t just think about the client, think about what YOU want it to do for you and your business.

2) Break down what that consists of. What do you need to share with your clients to get the results you and they want?

Spend some time on this because unless you have 1 and 2 nailed no amount of tech/features are going to make it work.

3) How would you deliver it? I don’t mean just saying using PT Distinction. I actually mean, how?

What features will you use?

How can you make it clear to your clients what steps they need to take are?

Every step you listed in number 2 should have a clear way to:

A) Deliver it to your client


B) Have a way to check adherence.

Think about the whole process; onboarding, the coaching, the check ins, the upsells, etc how will it all work? Keep it as simple as possible and as clear as possible!

Now check back at each step and ask “is there an easier way to do this, that still allows me to reach my business (and life) goals?”


“If I gave this to a client could they understand how to do it without any extra help from me?”. This is where ‘knowing your client’ comes in handy.

If the answer is no to any of these, you need to simplify the step or add more clarity.

After you do this exercise, if you can’t see where the features can easily fit in to make your life and your clients experience easier, then don’t use it or find another way.

Over time you can experiment with different tech or more advanced features of the tech you currently use, to help you in your business. But do that only after you have nailed the basics above and tested the water with what you know and are comfortable with.

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